Electrochemical and Battery Degradation Models

The detailed powertrain models and charger models built into V2G-Sim allow users calculate battery SOC, C-rates, cell temperature, etc. on a second-by-second basis for any vehicle during any trip or any charging or discharging grid event. This level of information for each vehicle, enables V2G-Sim users to apply electrochemical models and battery degradation models to quantitatively predict how hypothetical battery materials (i.e. anodes, cathodes, electrolytes) with different material properties (i.e. conductivity, porosity, etc.) will perform within a vehicle, or alternatively how vehicle usage during driving or grid services will impact battery degradation. Electrochemical models take the form of Newman equations, while degradation can be modeled using semi-empirical degradation models or using models that consider fundamental phenomena such as side reactions, mechanical characteristics, etc.