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New case study shows EVs satisfy over 85% of U.S. travel Needs when charging on 120V outlets at home only

posted Aug 3, 2014, 8:11 AM by Samveg Saxena   [ updated Aug 5, 2014, 1:47 PM ]
A new case study entitled 'Predicting Adequacy of PEVs for US Mobility Needs' shows that over 85% U.S. travel needs can be satisfied by electric vehicles that are charged using 120 V wall outlets at home locations only.

The case study applies V2G-Sim on a sample size of over 150,000 vehicle itineraries for drivers all over the United States. Each vehicle is assumed to have specifications resembling a commercially available EV, and different scenarios are simulated on each travel itinerary with vehicles charging in different locations. For each scenario, V2G-Sim calculates the battery state-of-charge profile for each vehicle to identify whether a vehicle is ever at risk of running out of charge for its travel itinerary. The case study also explores the impact of vehicles driving with higher levels of ancillary power consumption 
(e.g. from using the cabin air conditioner), battery degradation, and driving on terrain.

While EVs are one of the cleanest and most efficient vehicle types available on the market today, range anxiety is a primary concern preventing many drivers from choosing an EV. This case study shows that range anxiety is likely an over-stated concern, and EVs will infact meet the mobility needs of a majority of US drivers.